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Objective - To provide a mechanism whereby inventory transactions and sales order releases from systems external to SYSPRO can be imported and correctly affect the necessary SYSPRO data.

The Value of Inventory Import for SYSPRO

  • SYSPRO’s IMP099 provides an effective way to import inventory transactions, thereby avoiding duplication of data capture and the associated pitfalls. Incoming data is validated according to the established SYSPRO rules. The IMP099 process allows for the batch importing of several different transaction types in a single file.
  • Through SYSPRO’s autorun facility (IMPAUT), IMP099 is able to run without supervision

Matching SYSPRO to Your Business

The following types of transactions are handled:

  • Purchase order receipts
  • Inventory receipts, including job receipts from WIP
  • Material issues, including expense issues and issues to work in progress
  • Warehouse transfers between different locations
  • Bin transfers between different locations within the same warehouse
  • Backflushing of components and the receipt of manufactured parts
  • Releasing of back orders on outstanding orders, leaving the orders in a status that allows them to be invoiced
  • The system caters for serialized and lot traceable items

Audit Trails and Reporting

  • Prior to processing any update, the import program goes through an extensive validation routine to ensure that the data being imported passes SYSPRO requirements
  • If errors are found, an error report describing the reason for the failure is produced and the batch is rejected


  • Integrates with existing barcode, warehouse and shipping systems
  • Integrates with the Inventory Control, Purchase Orders, Work in Progress, Sales Orders, and Lot Traceability modules