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Objective - To facilitate both the communication between multi-site companies using SYSPRO and electronic interchange of data between customers and suppliers.

The Value of the SYSPRO to SYSPRO Interface System

  • Updates all locations with minimum communication costs, maximum efficiency and security
  • Allows the installation of only the modules required at individual sites
  • Defines which transactions will be exported to each site
  • Allows user to decide when and how often various locations will be updated
  • Manages remote branches efficiently without duplication of data entry
  • Provides the ability to choose whether to transfer all information with each update, or to transfer only the changes which have occurred since the last update

The Value of Business-to-Business Trading

  • Uses pre-defined ASCII format files or exports XML documents to easily communicate with customers and supplier
  • Imports customer sales orders
  • Exports order acknowledgments and delivery notes
  • Exports supplier purchase orders and imports confirmations
  • Exports new/changed blanket purchase orders
  • Imports or exports contract prices
  • Imports blanket sales order releases
  • Exports invoices, credit notes and debit notes

Audit Trails and Reporting

  • Provides validation checks to verify imported data
  • Gives a complete log of all transactions
  • Gives a detailed status report and transmission log for all sites
  • Each interface file is assigned a sequential log


  • SYSPRO Interface System can update the Sales Analysis, Accounts Receivable and Inventory Control modules
  • All transactions transferred will update each site’s General Ledger, if required
  • SYSPRO Data Interchange requires the Accounts Receivable, Purchase Orders, and Inventory Control modules
  • E-mail reports with the Office Automation module