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Objective - To provide a visual representation of the production schedule and allow drag-and-drop manipulation to enhance factory production.

The Value of SYSPRO Graphical Job Schedule

  • Presents a graphical view of the utilization of each work center by job and day
  • Effectively monitor each job and identify potential problem areas before they become obstacles
  • View Available to Promise (ATP) graphically
  • Highlights overloads as well as underloads
  • Demand pegging and supply chain operation available at a glance with the ability to update shipping or due dates
  • View and control multiple constraints in the production schedule
  • The effect of queue time, elapsed time, move time and routing on dates and capacity loadings is apparent, user can review routing procedures
  • Work Center Capacity Calendar is visible in its entirety and can be easily manipulated
  • Permits complete reload of each job on a forward or backward basis
  • Preview of reports to screen and e-mail capabilities
  • At a glance job status regarding material allocations and operations
  • Supports backflush environments that operate a JIT/Kan Ban production system

Matching SYSPRO to Your Business

  • Real-time, on-line scheduling information that reflects the shop floor demand
  • Easily manipulate the schedule using a simple to use drag-and-drop process
  • Graphically presents a schedule for review
  • Gives a more concise tactical view of production schedules and workloads by day and by job graphically
  • View production schedule by work center, or by the job
  • Job conflicts become readily apparent
  • Choose how many productive units should be scheduled during the job and how much overtime is permitted
  • Drag and drop scheduling with WIP updated in real-time
  • Manipulate operation capacity loading using smoothing, forward or backward loading functions
  • Analyze the Work Center Capacity Calendar including working days, capacity hours, available productive units and overtime potential
  • Modify the operation planned finish date, move time and queue buffer
  • Adjust both consecutive and concurrent operation/routings
  • Determine if the job planned start date can be started earlier, delayed or compressed to meet the due date
  • Analyze the potential for using an alternate work center or subcontractor to complete the task


  • Graphical Job Schedule for SYSPRO integrates and is required with the Work in Progress module