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Objective - To provide fast, easy and accurate forecasting of sales, revenues, demand for service or any other important variable in order to allow better decision making.

The Value of Forecast Pro for SYSPRO

  • Automatically provides optimum models, providing the best available methodology without sacrificing simplicity or ease of use
  • Easily enter, graph, save and print reports for up to thousands of items
  • Provides proper forecasting tools that benefit planning, cut inventory costs and serve to decrease stockouts
  • Instantly provides graphing and report generation to illustrate forecasts, historic data, confidence limits and safety stocks
  • Operations are optimized to create effective, informative reports regardless of the amount of input, from small to large scale forecasting jobs
  • Contains a standardized set of diagnostic screens that help to compare and evaluate models
  • Graphs residuals and error autocorrelation as well as key numeric statistics

Matching SYSPRO to Your Business

  • Forecast Pro for SYSPRO imports data in a variety of flexible, easy to create formats
  • Gives results in clear, understandable business terms, eliminating the need for specialized training or a background in statistics
  • Select a forecast model of choice and set the parameters or allow Forecast Pro to do so automatically
  • Built-in expert system analyzes data, selects the appropriate forecasting technique, builds the model and calculates the forecast required in one of five different classes of models:
  • Simple Methods for very short data or extremely volatile data sets, including moving average models
  • Curve Fitting for a quick identification of the general form of a data curve, i.e., straight line, quadratic, exponential and growth (s-curve)
  • Low Volume models for accommodation of low volume or sparse data
  • Exponential Smoothing with 12 different smoothing models to accommodate a wide range of data characteristics
  • Box-Jenkins for stable data sets which can be built completely automatically or interactively, using a full range of screen-oriented diagnostics
  • The interface provides an easy and efficient method to extract sales data from SYSPRO for use by Forecast Pro, allowing data to be extracted by different criteria and for different periods
  • Through the interface, forecasts can optionally be used to update MRP forecasts
  • Adjusts forecasts graphically or in a spreadsheet-like display
  • Adjusts single points, ranges or totals, using percentages, increments, or by entering new values
  • Automatically adjusts all appropriate levels of a multiple level hierarchy when a value at any given level is changed
  • Forecast Pro provides phone, fax and e-mail technical support in addition to SYSPRO’s support network


  • Integrates with SYSPRO and runs on Windows 200, XP Vista and Windows 7
  • Forecast Pro for SYSPRO integrates with the Inventory Control and Requirements Planning modules