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Syspro Engineering Change Control (ECC)

Objective - To enable users to better manage engineering changes to their products and/or associated data.

The Value of the Engineering Change Control (ECC)

  • User-defined workflow replaces traditional paper trail that accompanies product design changes
  • Electronic visibility of each step of process
  • Electronic notification of new tasks with automatic reminders
  • Electronic sign-offs
  • On-line or batch archiving of old revisions/releases in XML format
  • Prevents changes to ECC controlled BOM without an ECO being raised

Matching SYSPRO to Your Business

  • Design the process to suit your environment
  • ECC users are associated with a single or group of SYSPRO operators
  • Security access control at each step of the process
  • Perform every required step, every time
  • Know what step of the process an ECO is in, and who is responsible, at a glance
  • Full history of the process, electronically
  • A single or multiple system defined events can be associated with each step
  • Affected part numbers can be locked while ECO is processed
  • Existing jobs, purchase orders and sales orders can be locked while ECO is processed
  • Unlimited notes with secured access
  • Drawing register retains multiple attachments e.g. drawings, circuit diagrams, CNC programs, etc.
  • Archived BOM’s can be retrieved for production


  • Integrates with Bill of Materials, Work in Progress, Inventory, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and Quotations and Estimating
  • Prerequisites are Bill of Materials and Inventory
  • Integrates with Office Automation for emailing and messaging