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To rapidly exchange large batches of business transactions automatically and electronically in the traditional standardized formats between trading partners to support just-in-time (JIT) ordering objectives.

The Value of EDI for SYSPRO

Syspro’s EDI module is geared towards manufacturers and distributors that must accommodate complex transactions among a limited community of suppliers in standardized formats. For such enterprises, EDI is an invaluable tool that enables the rapid, electronic transmittal of documents between trading partners, thereby speeding the entire order/shipping cycle. EDI also increases accuracy by eliminating unnecessary manual entry.

Essentially, the SYSPRO EDI System translates a document file from a customer/trading partner directly into the SYSPRO system as an automatic process and generates documents to customers for processing by their respective computer systems.

EDI for SYSPRO is a mapper/translator that serves as an interface between the SYSPRO System and EDI standards for sending and receiving electronic documents. There are three parts to the full system: SYSPRO software with the EDI translator, the VAN (Value Added Network) provider, and the communications software which is often supplied by the VAN.

The VAN serves as the intermediary between a company and its customer, similar to an e-mail server. The file is sent to the VAN, which in turn, forwards it. Much like e-mail servers, parties communicating via EDI need not share the same VAN, since VAN computers interact with each other.

EDI Translator

The EDI translator converts document files forwarded by the communications software (typically VAN supplied) and converts them into the corresponding documents in SYSPRO (i.e., sales orders). It is also responsible for generating documents for the communications package to send to customers (i.e., shipping notices or invoices.)

Features and Benefits

  • Rapid transmission of documents for a swift flow of information where necessary
  • Hastens the sales order, shipping and invoice cycles to provide faster turnaround
  • Promotes better customer service through increased responsiveness
  • Eliminates errors often caused by manual entry

System Requirements

  • Value Added Network Provider
  • Communications Software (typically supplied by VAN)