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Objective - To define the relationship between a manufactured item and its component materials as well as the sequence of operations required to produce the item, facilitating an accurate expected cost against which to track actual production costs.

The Value of SYSPRO Bill of Materials

  • Maintain up to 15 levels
  • Detailed screen query showing costing information and operational Gantt Charts
  • Multi-level trial kitting identifies material shortages
  • Standard and “What-if” costing queries and analysis with comparison to current costs
  • Supports planning bills, phantom parts and sub-contract operations
  • Optional components supported for sales of kits
  • Track component level of affectivity dates
  • Define scrap factors for more accurate planning
  • Drag-and-drop facility in BOM maintenance
  • Multiple tree-view structures.

Matching SYSPRO to Your Business

  • Multiple recovery rates are available per cost center, work center and employee
  • Define different units of measure (hours, minutes, seconds) for tracking time and capacity
  • Define component requirements up to 6 decimal places
  • Extensive user-defined notes
  • Multimedia ability to link pictures and videos to BOM
  • Supports multiple alternate routes
  • Validates structures and operations and provides notification of potential problems
  • Calculates expected labor and material costs
  • Calculates manufacturing lead times
  • Easy, automated Where-Used Display and Replace Where-Used function
  • Import structure and routings from CAD or third party systems
  • Analysis of elapsed time and available capacity
  • Calculates dynamic-elapsed time and capacity required
  • Instant on-screen access to BOM details
  • Transfer calculated BOM cost to unit cost of item
  • Indicate move time between work centers
  • Work center and productive unit capacity calendar
  • Define components as quantity per, % of parent, or specific quantity regardless of batch

Audit Trails and Reporting

  • User-defined selection criteria for flexible reporting
  • Detailed reporting on where materials are used
  • Full Bill of Material costing reports
  • Reports complete routing information
  • Trial kitting list highlights quantity requirements and shortages
  • Listings of manufactured parts with and without a structure attached
  • Various BOM profiles provided


  • Integrates with the Inventory Control, Product Configurator, Work in Progress, Sales Orders & invoicing, Requirements Planning, and Quotations & Estimating modules
  • Activity Based Costing accumulates and applies different cost elements at the time they are accrued
  • E-mail reports with the Office Automation module
  • Bill of Materials requires the Inventory Control Module