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A full ERP system designed by SYSPRO for the SME market.
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SYSPRO - Software You Can Count On

Every day thousands of people on six continents rely on SYSPRO for information, functionality and technology. Formed in 1978, SYSPRO has stood the test of time as a company and as a business solution for mid-size manufacturers and distributors. When customers buy SYSPRO software, they are buying a long-term relationship of ongoing creative and strategic collaboration. SYSPRO enterprise software is an integrated supply chain solution encompassing: ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), Analytics, E-Commerce, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Factory Scheduling. The real-time, integrated approach makes the SYSPRO solution a firm foundation upon which to facilitate your decision making at all levels, paving the way to leaner operations and greater profits.

SYSPRO software strengths extend to manufacturing and distribution as well as comprehensive financial management and reporting. Many accounting software products are strong in one area or the other, but only SYSPRO excels in many.

  • Financials - For the last decade, SYSPRO financial solutions have been rated among the best available and have consistently received certifications and top-level ratings from industry reviews, publications, consulting firms and analysts, including Sheldon Needle’s CTS Survey and Charles Chewning’s Accounting Library. SYSPRO delivers powerful fiscal control and insight into operations with ease. SYSPRO adheres to exacting standards, including IAS, FASB and XBRL. SYSPRO financial management software adds up to real value.
  • Distribution - SYSPRO gives single or multi-location distributors, wholesalers, importers or over-the-counter retail operations the tools to optimize inventory management in order to maximize profitability. Inventory is the heart of distribution. SYSPRO offers 24/7 inventory and 360 degree order visibility, serial number and lot tracking, inventory optimization, total order fulfillment and customer service throughout your supply chain.
  • Manufacturing - SYSPRO manufacturing software addresses all aspects of discrete manufacturing, including mixed-mode operations. Whether you run discrete manufacturing or batch processes, SYSPRO supports real-time finite production scheduling, real-time shop floor control and short/long production runs in custom job shops, engineer-to-order, configure-to-order, assemble-to-order, made-to-order, make-to-stock and mixed mode operations.

SYSPRO Reporting Services (SRS) is a next generation reporting tool that incorporates an embedded version of Crystal Reports XI. By interlacing the rich reporting and metrics generating capabilities of Crystal, XML and the Microsoft .NET architecture of SYSPRO, customers are delivered a unified, cost-effective reporting and metrics generating solution that further simplifies their operational effectiveness. SYSPRO Reporting Services enables users to extract and mine their information to virtually any level of complexity, complete with tailored web and paper based delivery options together with extensive preferences and layout features, such as graphs. SYSPRO Reporting Services uses Crystal as its report writer. SYSPRO e.net solutions, based on Microsoft .NET architecture, is a component framework that provides the foundation for easy integration with best-of-breed custom or third party solutions, enabling the adoption of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA.) SYSPRO Analytics enables users to create multi-dimensional views of their financial and operational data to determine patterns and underlying trends, gauge performance and reveal new pathways.

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and International Accounting Standards (IAS) were created by the International Accounting Standards Board to promote internationally comparable financial statements. Regulation 2002/3626 requires European Union organizations to prepare their consolidated financial statements in accordance with IFRS/IAS. This means that publicly traded companies will need to adhere to IFRS while still complying with local tax, dividend, and other regulations, which requires at least two sets of financial statements. Capital markets demand comparable numbers for investment decisions so even non-listed companies will be forced to issue IFRS-compliant financial statements. SYSPRO Financials, SRS and SYSPRO Analytics gives companies comprehensive functionality for parallel accounting to support both IFRS and local regulations around the world, enabling them to adhere to complex accounting standards, meet the requirements of the capital and financial markets and ensure the reliability and transparency of their financial reporting.

Corporate governance requires defined processes with tighter controls and accountability. Global standards provide the ability to highlight, monitor and analyze deviations from these standards. SYSPRO acknowledges and complies with new requirements issued by regulatory bodies such as European Union, FDA, IAS (International Accounting standards), GAAP (Generally accepted accounting practices) and Sarbanes Oxley. The need for managing by exception resulted in the powerful, flexible design of SYSPRO Electronic Signatures. Companies can design the level of security required for each transaction. In addition, the successful completion of the transaction can trigger multiple configurable actions, keeping key players informed. SYSPRO offers companies greater ability to maintain auditable business processes, financial transparency and operational control.

SYSPRO can help companies comply with regulatory standards by offering companies visibility and traceability through:

  • Extensive security and Audit Trails provide strong internal controls
  • HTML financial reporting with drill down to source detail
  • Ability to trace operator entry
  • Ability to trace changes to General Ledger entries
  • Real-time notification with triggers and events
  • Real-time drill-down analysis and reporting
  • Serial number and lot traceability

Popular Functionality Modules

Inventory Control Objective - To provide superior management over inventory by optimizing inventory stocking levels for excellent customer service and profit maximization. The Value of SYSPRO…

Lot Traceability Objective - To trace items from their source to current location while maintaining quality assurance certification and tracking expiration dates. The Value of SYSPRO Lot…

RMA Objective - To provide Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) as an efficient method of controlling the return or exchange of items sold to customers, ensuring visibility and…

Shipping System Objective - The Shipping System facilitates efficient packaging methods and ensures the accuracy of freight charges based on actual product shipping weights and up-to-date…

Inventory Import Objective - To provide a mechanism whereby inventory transactions and sales order releases from systems external to SYSPRO can be imported and correctly affect the necessary…

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Reviews of SYSPRO 7


what i found was that it can only print statements for 3 months. i wanted the accounts receivables and payable to be able to print customer and suppliers history for atleast 1year

The good: flexibility

The bad: not enough reports

An SYSPRO 7 user says…

Pros: Tracks inventory and costs in details. Integrates easily with MS-Office tools, especially Excel, Outlook and Word. Designed ground-up for manufacturers and distributors. Workflow - for accounting and procurement process. Pretty powerful and integrated software. Easily customizable without a developer. Stable and low total-cost compared to other ERP products. Cons: Some modules like Budget preparation with a team is a 3rd party add-on.

The good: Changing form layout and adding custom fields is so easy.

The bad: Scope for better integration with Budgeting and Payroll modules. Cloud hosting is offered, but not matured enough.

from TAC Industries, Inc. says…

It definitely connects everything together. It is fully integrated, everything talks to each other and it follows itself the whole way through the system so you are not left with something being known on one side but not the other.

The Good: I do like the program but there isn’t one thing that stands out, maybe that it is fully integrated.

The Bad: I am not really a big fan of the reporting. I would like it if there were more standard reports that we could then customize a bit more, but it still has the basics.

from SKLZ says…

SYSPRO helps provide us a unique look into our business. Utilizing its many modules and features, such as the EDI and Shipping Solution, Landed Cost Tracking, Bills of Materials, Credit Card processing, e.net Solutions, etc., has provided SKLZ the stability to grow our business.

from Vanns Spices says…

If you look back over time that we’ve been using SYSPRO, you can see that we.ve had major savings and that of those savings have gone to our bottom-line. Our company morale has also really improved as SYSPRO helps our employees efficiently do their jobs and get the information they need.

An SYSPRO 7 user says…

We continue to grow more than 20% a year in transaction volume and without SYSPRO it would be difficult to complete and ship as many orders out the door. SYSPRO allows us to manage customer and product ordering, accounting processes and manage the customer from the time of order through to invoicing.

from Bodypoint says…

We’ve been able to manage our global distribution network much more efficiently and we now are able to include our CE Marketing and traceability requirements as a result of having SYSPRO.

from Yeti Cycles says…

SYSPRO Isn’t just sitting back and letting the product get stale. They are always innovating and finding wats to help us address our challenges. We are always getting a cutting-edge product.

from Summit Packaging Systems says…

One of the key advantages of SYSPRO is the integration of our custom barcode into the SYSPRO ERP system. We produce about 30 billion components and each is tracked through SYSPRO. This results in close to 1 billion transactions per year globally.

from Sun Mountain Sports says…

I fell in love with SYSPRO all over again at the last conference. SYSPRO has been great for us, especially the financials, and I look forward to the new advancements in the product. After many years of using the software, our business changed from manufacturing to distribution, and SYSPRO still works very well for us today.