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Syntelli Solutions is focused on leveraging the ‘Power of Data.’ Everything we do is analytics – shaping and transforming data, forming the right hypothesis, building the right models, and visualizing the data so that analytics and predictive capabilities come to bear pervasively within your organization. Our legacy is in building financial analytics solutions using Essbase and Hyperion and applying ‘probabilistic decision’ techniques. Our expertise is in bringing business context to data and providing enhanced decision making capabilities, not just the technical aspect of implementing a data-warehouse or the analytical product. The passion for answering the ‘what-if,’ ‘what else,’ and ‘so what’ questions is shared by all Syntellians, and we are sure to transfer that passion to your team as well.

The verticals in which we have worked include sports/entertainment, life sciences/pharmaceuticals, oil & gas, retail, manufacturing, professional services, hospitality, telecom, financials, and healthcare. The clients we’ve worked with have revenues from $100M to $100BN. The horizontals in which we have expertise include sales analytics, marketing analytics, campaign analytics, and supply chain and distribution analytics.

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    A software system designed by SYNTELLI SOLUTIONS.

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