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A developer of management software designed for mid-market businesses.

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Synerion® has evolved through the synergy of TimeTECH and ITR. They provide comprehensive workforce management (WFM) software solutions and services that enable organizations to effectively optimize their most valuable asset – human resources – in order to meet organizational goals and maximize business performance.

Synerion’s Workforce Management Suite offers organizations a set of integrated tools for the measurable management of workforce performance, utilizing cutting edge technology and industry best practice.

Synerion’s Comprehensive Workforce Management Solutions Synerion’s Workforce Management suite of solutions is a modular platform that enables your organization to track, monitor, manage and optimize employee performance within your organization.

It addresses the major tasks of managing your workforce, including employee time and attendance, absence management, shift scheduling, activity-based costing as well as employee recruitment.

Moreover, it provides you with:

  • Integrated and highly compatible workforce management solutions
  • Analytics capabilities that contain both predefined and free query tools
  • Modularity that can be deployed gradually or as a complete suite
  • User-friendly self-service tools that enable easy engagement
  • Centralized database for a single source of information
  • Seamless integration with other enterprise systems.

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