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Synergistic Systems

A developer of software designed for small-businesses in the manufacturing industry.

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Synergistic Systems is the developer of ManuFACT which was designed for small discrete and process manufacturers. If your manufacturing firm falls under discrete or process manufacturing and you have annual sales in the $10 million to $100 million range, than Synergistic Systems wants to speak with you.

Here are a few reasons why you should ManuFACT:

  • Create automatic internal transactions saving accounting staff time
  • Increase manufacturing capabilities without purchasing capital equipment
  • Reduce inventory and improve cash flow
  • Integration with EDI, RF scanners
  • Offers Lean compatibility
  • Interface with QuickBooks and Peachtree accounting systems or other third party accounting systems

Need to switch solutions but don’t have the money available to do so, Synergistic Systems offers a leasing program.

Product Lines

  • ManuFACT

    A multi-module management system designed by Synergistic Systems.

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