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JobOps integration with Sales Order lets you streamline workflow, so that all job information is available from a single source. With JobOps and Sage MAS 90 or 200 ERP, entering orders is simplified because the sales order and work ticket function are linked and generated in the same order entry step.

Sales Orders

Sales orders are entered using the Sales Order Module of Sage MAS 90 or 200 ERP. JobOps integrates this function with the creation of work tickets that are created directly from the sales order line. What does this mean? Let’s say your customer wants to order a red wagon and you need to make this wagon. If you gave your customer a quote for the wagon both the sales order and the work ticket are created by merely pulling up the quote and clicking on convert to order.

Work Tickets

Creating a work ticket to fulfill a sales order is also done for you by JobOps through its comprehensive work ticket management software features. In the example above, if the red wagon was not previously quoted, entering the line item for red wagon in the sales order can automatically create the work ticket to make the wagon by using the template associated with the red wagon JobOps job shop and tracking software will auto-generate the work tickets whenever demand and allocations for the stock item will bring inventories down to your minimum stock level.

Key Features

  • Quickly convert from an approved detailed quote to a sales order
  • Generate work ticket order automatically
  • Check material availability before release
  • Product Configurator can easily create Sales Order and Work Ticket
  • Attach product documentation and procedures specific to the job

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Orders:

"Orders" is part of the JobOps line of products, developed by Synergistic Software Solutions.