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SymPro Software

A developer of business management software.

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SymPro, a privately held corporation based in Emeryville, CA, was created in 1985 in response to the public agency reporting mandate issued that year.

The SymPro Treasury Management System, as it was originally known, proved to be the complete solution public agencies needed for the reporting and managing of their fixed income portfolios.

Having rescued hundreds of state, county, and city governments across the country over the past 16 years, SymPro is firmly established as the national standard bearer for fixed income investment reporting.

While constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of public agencies, SymPro came to sense that the private sector was similarly yearning for a comprehensive portfolio management system.

In 1990, SymPro responded by expanding the feature set of software to address the analytical and reporting requirements of investment managers and corporate cash managers.

As a result, the SymPro Treasury Management system’s scope now extends from the public sector into private corporations.

SymPro Software currently offers a full compliment of eleven integrated modules to meet the needs of today’s investment professionals.

With over 350 national sites overseeing portfolios ranging from 25 million to several billion dollars, SymPro is clearly the system of choice for all levels of investment management.

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