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A full ERP system designed by SyAcc Systems for professional services companies.
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SyAcc’s flexible and scalable ERP software allows you to meet your current business challenges while empowering your organization for future success.


  • Unlimited currencies and rates for A/R and A/P by date
  • Comprehensive currency re-valuation to restate financials
  • Flexible payment processing and/or scheduled payments with unlimited entries
  • Powerful cash receipts and cash disbursements processing that allow cheques to be applied across customers and suppliers, memo’s created on the fly and cross currency applications.
  • Flexible G/L account structure with multi cost centre capability
  • Powerful budgeting features with multiple revisions per period per year
  • Ability to drill down to the complete journal entry and supporting transactions
  • No period or year end processing and the ability to open/close periods at will subject to security
  • Financial reporting capabilities allow unlimited row and column design with the ability to match any row layout with any column layout
  • Full drill down in financial statements to transaction level
  • Bank reconciliation


  • Fully integrated inventory with serial number, lot, and bin tracking capabilities
  • User configurable inventory tracking (sizing, styles, etc.)
  • Supports unlimited units of measure and allows for different
  • UOM tracking for quantities, costs, prices, weights and cubes
  • Bar code labeling and scanning support
  • Includes branch requests, warehouse and bin transfers
  • Blanket order processing with unlimited blanket releases
  • Shipping system processing with ability to print multiple documents for each shipment such as packing slips, bills of lading, certificates of compliance/origin, customs documents etc.
  • Extensive pricing, commission, purchase costing and messaging options
  • Automated purchasing
  • Comprehensive landed cost processing


  • Multi-level bills of material with multiple revisions and/or alternates
  • Configurations can be created/modified during the quotation and/or sales order process
  • Work order processing with allowance for by-products
  • Work order logging and shop floor data collection
  • Work orders are fully integrated to sales, purchasing, project management, inventory control, Labour management and the general ledger
  • Travel documents can include work instructions, bar codes, design documents and pictures
  • Sub-contract operations handled easily
  • Full production scheduling including both finite and infinite
  • Easily view and modify the schedule through a variety of visual interfaces including bar and Gantt charts and Outlook-style calendars with drag and drop
  • Just in time material requirements processing
  • View instantly the status of a job at anytime
  • Flexible overhead calculations
  • Automatic creation of work orders through various scenarios


  • Track all equipment sold and service history by customer location, model, serial #, etc.
  • Automatic generation of preventative maintenance work orders and service contract invoices
  • Fully integrated with purchasing, billing, project management, inventory, labour management and the general ledger
  • Flexible dispatch scheduling with day, week and month views by rep(s) and/or zone(s)
  • The schedule can be easily adjusted through drag and drop
  • User definable states with colour coding for easy recognition
  • Service reps can be on-line with the head office through SyAcc’s remote tablet PC interface
  • Reps can view their schedule, display/update/print work orders, check inventory etc.
  • Dispatcher has real-time access to actual status of all open work orders
  • Flexible costing/billing from actual times, piece rates, flat rates etc.
  • Very flexible and highly customizable service templates allow you to customize the input parameters to your exact specifications
  • Customizable warranty card templates

CRM Capabilities Include

  • Flexible access and deployment options
  • Select who has access to view and update your databases
  • Monitor and track separate contact information for sales prospects and customers
  • Create your own templates for managing contacts, ensuring consistent data entry
  • Share info across sales, marketing, customer service, and support, allowing teams to collaborate and respond promptly and knowledgeably to customer inquiries
  • Easily add documents and create follow-up appointments
  • Access a complete log of customer history (calls made, notes from meetings, etc.)
  • Manage marketing campaigns and performance
  • Leverage CRM analytics for more effective marketing and sales activities
  • Send broadcast emails/faxes to your prospects and/or customers
  • Smart phone compatibility

Web Integration

  • Synchronizing online catalogues with SyAcc
  • SyAcc pulls product data directly from the ERP module. So, when your products or prices change in SyAcc, it automatically updates your online catalogue and customer price lists.
  • Make catalogues visible to select audiences
  • Select who has access to your online product catalogues - sales reps, vendors, customers, etc.
  • Show specific pricing post log-in
  • Allow customers to place an order directly into SyAcc via the web
  • Accessing your online store from any web-enabled device
  • Offsite employees can update, view data and access SyAcc modules using their laptop, smart phone or Blackberry!
  • View/set order status and history in SyAcc via the web
  • Setting up accounts and modifying profiles online

Additional Features

  • Security for menus, reports, inquiries, forms, individual fields and classifications.
  • Extensive capabilities for user configurable reporting, lookups, inquiries, screen formats, field labels, transaction types, processing rules and more.
  • User defined fields for many tables including parts, customers and suppliers.
  • Full integration with Crystal Reports allowing users to produce their own versions of SyAcc’s standard reports and their own custom reports

Functionality Modules

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