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Warehouse Management Software

A software system designed by SWS-Smart Warehouse Systems for distribution/wholesale trade and manufacturing companies.
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The SWS Warehouse Management Software is a robust, reliable, and comprehensive warehouse management solution. This product will use it’s vast array of features to optimize all of your warehouse processes. As complex as the features of the Warehouse Management Software may be, the system is still incredibly easy to use for your staff. This system is constructed with easy to use menu’s and helpful on screen instructions, which will allow your staff to gradually feel their way through the system and make use of everything it has to offer.

The Warehouse Management Software is able to be run on a single-user PC or on a network system with a number of PCs.

Some of the features of the Warehouse Management System include:

  • System comes with a locations map showing item locations by Physical Type and Zone
  • Pallet labels and check counterfoils are automatically printed
  • Picking location replenishment routines are stored
  • Picking lists are automatically processed and printed
  • System automatically performs stock checking and prints the check sheet
  • Warehouse activity charging procedures
  • Trace products using 4 lot references
  • Stock embargo and release procedures
  • Security system featuring password protection, assures your data is safe
  • They system automatically performs stock putaway with empty space searching capabilities
  • The system uses check digits to perform movement confirmation
  • Orders can be entered manually or using order file importation
  • Automatic stock issue with manual over-rides
  • A audit trail of full movements is maintained with a transaction log
  • Stock rotation can be performed by Sell-By or FIFO at Product Level
  • Stock can be flagged based on multiple conditions
  • Location reservation and re-definition
  • Order status diary
  • Radio data terminals allow you to use RFID technologies
  • Web Connectivity
  • Seamless integration with your ‘enterprise’ system

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