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SwiftTech Software

A developer of business management software.

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SwiftTech Software develops and publishes Windows software for business and personal use. Among our current products are SwiftTime and SwiftCalc Pro for Loans.

SwifTime is timesheet software for time tracking and billing. It includes a categorized address book, and an appointment calendar with alarms.

SwiftCalc Pro for Loans has a loan calculator for calculating payments or the principal that can be borrowed, it lets you compare up to 40 loan terms at a time, and it creates amortization tables that you can use to track actual payments and save to files you name.

Both SwiftTime and SwiftCalc Pro for Loans include extensive print formatting capabilites, including the ability to resize and position graphics, such as your logo, and both products provide print previews with zoom.

Product Lines

  • SwiftTime

    A time & billing application designed by SwiftTech Software.

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