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Supply Insight Inc.

A developer of business management software.

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Since its founding in 2004, Supply Insight has been a leader in Auto-ID software. Our flagship middleware product, rPlatform™ was first certified as ALE and RP compliant by EPC Global in 2006, and MandatePLUS™ was the first complete DoD Supply Chain compliance product available to the industry. Supply Insight now offers a suite of Auto-ID products designed to accommodate large and small enterprises. Our products lead the way in supporting many industry-specific best practices.


rPlatform™ is a robust, extensible, standards-based RFID middleware product for use across the entire enterprise that will interface with RFID readers to collect, group, filter, and analyze tag data based upon EPC Global Standards.

rAgent™ Mobile is an edgeware application installed on RFID and barcode-enabled mobile devices that provides both tethered and un-tethered access to asset and inventory management processes with store and forward synchronization and workflow customization.

rInsight™ is a full-featured solution for tracking, tracing, reporting, utilization, visualization and alerting of people and assets in the healthcare, government & defense, recreation & leisure, warehousing and manufacturing industries.

MandatePLUS™ for DoD is comprehensive UID, RFID and WAWF compliance software for Department of Defense suppliers.

Product Lines

  • rTooltrack

    A RFID tool management software system designed by Supply Insight Inc.

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