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SunGard Higher Education

A developer of business management software.

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SunGard Higher Education serves colleges and universities worldwide, helping them build the resources they need to support new communities of learners. Today, 1,600 higher education organizations, 10 million students and thousands of educational communities around the world rely on our broad portfolio of solutions and expert guidance to find better ways to teach, learn, manage, and connect.

Our clients include community colleges, liberal arts colleges, public universities, and international institutions. More than eighty percent of research universities in the United States are SunGard Higher Education customers. More than half of the most successful fundraising institutions use SunGard Higher Education solutions.

Our broad portfolio is unrivaled in the industry, providing colleges and universities with a single source for creating, managing, and extending their unique vision of a unified digital campus. Designed to meet your objectives and incorporating the insight of your peers, our solutions help you build better processes for more efficient management and planning.

Sungard was incorporated in 1976 as a computer consulting business with a focus on higher education as its primary market. In 1982, the company began to develop higher education products. Today SunGard concentrates its resources on creating both integrated administrative applications with the PowerCAMPUS System, and specialized administrative software with the IQ Product line. Additionally, ABT’s legacy product ABT Campus has over a thousand licensed users across 50 plus institutions.

Product Lines

  • SCT Banner e-Education

    A multi-module management system designed by SunGard Higher Education for educational services companies.

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