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Sunflower Systems

A developer of business management software.

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Sunflower Systems provides forward-thinking software solutions and services for life cycle asset management and strategic asset intelligence. Executives trust the Sunflower Systems framework to base strategic and financial decisions, as well as to ensure administrative compliance with all current and future regulations. With Sunflower Systems best-practices and composite processes, enterprises add relevance and context to their previously-disjointed processes, enabling the truest picture of all corporate assets. You benefit because Sunflower Systems:

  • Provides a single version of the truth to substantiate financial reports
  • Enables semantic analytics for better allocation and utilization
  • Empowers individuals to make more accurate financial and strategic direction decisions
  • Maximizes accountability to ensure proper stewardship of every asset

Sunflower Product Lines

The vast majority of asset management systems on the market today track an inadequate portion of the entire asset base or are only interested in specific operational or financial pieces. This accounts for just a small fraction of the hundreds of thousands of assets an enterprise may control. Sunflower Enterprise solutions capture the who, what, when, why, how and where for every asset, ensure transparency and accountability across the enterprise with a Service-Oriented Architecture framework, and then analyze and report on the diverse information from Sunflower Assets, the asset system of record.

The once tactical task of asset management is now elevated into a strategic imperative. The results are a complete and actionable view of the entire asset base, from the smallest consumable item to the most expensive and classified equipment.

Product Lines

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