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Summit Core Financials©

A multi-module management system designed by Summit Software.
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This product has been acquired by iRely and rebranded to iRely Dashboard.

Summit Core Financials© are tools designed to meet the general accounting needs of businesses who use Summit Biofuels©, Grain©, Ag©, Petrolac©, and C-Store© Accounting. These accounting modules integrated seamlessly into our other software solutions saving you time, labor, and money.

Summit Accounts Payable/Bank Account©

Summit Accounts Payable/Bank Account© is an easy-to-use software package that provides computerized check writing capabilities for those that use cash basis or accrual accounting. Information entered into Summit AP/Bank Account can optionally be used to update your general ledger, thus reducing data entry time! Perform bank reconciliation quickly and simply. Protect your credit by paying bills on time. Manage your money more efficiently with Summit Accounts Payable/Bank Account.

Summit Contact Point©

Summit Contact Point© is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool strategically designed to help you manage your company’s most important assets: your leads and customers! Contact Point is a centralized database that allows all your salespeople to have access to the same customer and lead information. It is fully integrated with all our major accounting packages for optimal customer management.

Summit eCommerce©

Summit eCommerce© is an online customer inquiry. Summit eCommerce gives you and your customers the ability to look up account information online, 24/7! We integrated the data stored in your Summit accounting software with the Internet so you can provide your customers with their private account data effortlessly!

Summit Fixed Assets©

Summit Fixed Assets© is a user-friendly system that pays for itself by empowering you to easily track your assets yourself to minimize your CPA service fees. It has the power and flexibility needed to be truly effective in your business. Utilize Summit Fixed Assets’ robust reporting capabilities to aid in internal control and to assist in completing tax forms.

Summit General Ledger©

Summit General Ledger© categorizes and summarizes your accounting data so you can easily review various expense or income categories and compare them to budgets, prior periods for up to 5 years of comparison amounts! This vital management information can be used to increase the profits of your business by allowing you to spot and reinforce income-generating areas, eliminate waste, locate areas which are over budget and implement actions for correction.

Summit Payroll©

Summit Payroll© helps you maintain employee payroll information, calculate taxes, handle voluntary deductions, and print payroll checks. Eliminate tedious manual payroll calculations and save time gathering and preparing quarterly tax information.

Summit Time Entry©

Summit Time Entry© eliminates the need for a time clock. This tool is designed to reduce overall expenses and provide accurate information on an as-needed basis. This system allows access to vital information and, in turn, allows decisions to be based on actual historical figures.

Summit XDBC©

Summit XDBC© is designed for those users who wish to maximize their reporting capabilities. Summit’s products have a tremendous library of built-in reporting. If additional reports are needed, Summit XDBC can be utilized to develop customized reports and charts to meet specific needs-without reentering data! Summit XDBC provides users access to live data in their Summit Software files with ODBC-compliant applications such as MS Excel, MS Access, MS Word, MS Query, Visual Basic Products, and Business Object’s Crystal Reports.

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