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A multi-module management system designed by Summit Software for accounting/legal/professional companies.
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This product has been acquired by iRely and rebranded to iRely Petroleum Accounting.

Petrolac© is a full accounting and inventory management system for petroleum wholesalers, distributors, marketers, jobbers, unattending fueling stations and biodiesel plants. Petrolac© manages deliveries, home heating, and repackaging effectively and efficiently. It tracks federal and state excise taxes as well as state and local sales taxes. Petrolac© provides up-to-the minute company and customer positions and delivers accurate detailed reports in seconds. Petrolac© gives you the tools you need to improve your profitability.

Summit Degree Day©

  1. Summit Degree Day© is a highly sought-after tool for petroleum jobbers and distributors with heating fuel accounts. Degree Day provides the management tools to schedule degree day, calendar day, and LP deliveries. It tracks which customers need heating fuel and when and how much they need delivered. Degree Day is designed to allow you to make the largest deliveries that take both safety and economy into account. Degree Day helps prevent “run-outs” and the need to make deliveries at odd hours! Provide better service to your customers while simultaneously improving your profit margins!

Summit EnergyTrac©

Summit EnergyTrac© is a program that provides all the information required to invoice or receive payment from customers in the truck! EnergyTrac automates reporting functions and automatically transfers laptop data to and from the office eliminating hand entry of invoices and payments.

Summit Fuel Card©

Summit Fuel Card© is designed for members of any card fueling network including CFN, Pac Pride, GasBoy, Petrovend, Mannatec, AutoGas, Phoenix, and Tokheim. Summit Fuel card allows you to manage your fuel card transactions for both you and your customers. It provides the integration you desire, and the reporting your customers demand. With Summit Fuel Card, transactions at the pump flow directly to your customer statements. Finally your unattended fueling will be as convenient for you as it is for your customers!

Summit Loaned Equipment©

Summit Loaned Equipment© helps you determine if it is to your financial advantage to loan items to customers on their promise to buy a product!

Summit Special Prices©

Summit Special Prices© gives you the power to manage all of the various prices you use for your customers! To serve your customers who need unique pricing, there is no simpler solution.

Summit Tax Reporting©

Summit Tax Reporting© is a tool for wholesale distributors of all sizes who need to report federal and state excise taxes and file for refunds. Print accurate local, state, and federal tax schedules in minutes. The Petrolac© subsystem takes entries directly from your daily transactions to report tax data for every state in which you do business. Summit Tax Reporting is updated in real-time as receipts and invoices are posted. Summit Tax Reporting reduces or eliminates the need for a 3rd party to handle your taxes.

Summit Transports©

Summit Transports© is designed for petroleum marketers and common carriers who need to track their direct deliveries and rack prices. This module is a must for those handling interstate taxes. It is a dependable, easy-to-use, and efficient way to track your pickups and direct fuel deliveries 24x7. Summit Transports tracks every load from the rack to delivery to invoicing.

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