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Whether you have a small inventory at a single location or a large and complex inventory at multiple locations, managing this inventory properly is a vital part of improving your bottom line. Too much stock increases carrying costs, too little hurts sales.

Streamlines Inventory Control module, based on Gordon Graham’s principles, will assist you in maintaining proper inventory levels to ensure your customers orders can be filled on time, no matter what your size and number of locations.

Some of the features that Streamlines Inventory Control module provides are

  • Multi-warehouse support with automated branch transfer processing.
  • Unique inventory code structure allows for simple or complex inventory codes of up to 30 characters and a product description of two lines - up to 45 characters per line.
  • Handles multiple units of measure for Stocking, Sales and Purchasing.
  • Accurate, quick processing of non-stock items.
  • Re-order methods can be based on EOQ/ROP or Min/Max.
  • Maintains and recognizes lead times.
  • Supports primary and unlimited secondary vendors per inventory item.
  • Full landed cost processing by vendor with unlimited foreign currency support.
  • Multiple costing methods including Weighted Average, FIFO, Standard Cost, and Replacement Cost.
  • Stores manufacturers’ specifications and UPC codes for all packaging configurations.
  • Stores weights for freight calculations.
  • Substitute items and associated products are supported.
  • Fully functional physical count and cycle count sub-system, which includes item count sheets, variance and reconciliation reporting.
  • User definable multi-level bill of material allows for the sale of a finished good assembled from multiple products and will relieve inventory of the component parts. Overhead, labour and miscellaneous charges can be set up per item.
  • Multiple, multi-level inventory inquiry screens allow in-depth transaction and detail review.
  • Lot, Serial Number, and Warranty period control.
  • Handles and stores MSDS.
  • Hazardous goods processing.
  • Returns authorization processing.
  • Product comments.
  • Product images can be viewed and/or emailed directly to the customer.


  • Detailed inventory reports and inquiries showing all transactions for each product.
  • Critical item and activity reporting.
  • Inventory valuation and availability reporting.
  • System generated price catalogues.
  • Not sold since reporting.