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I am Larry Stinson, founder and owner of Stinson Solutions Inc. I am a non-practicing CPA with over 30 years of automated accounting systems experience and I am a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor. I have been developing custom software solutions for customers since 1991. All of our products represent the most popular solutions developed for our clients over the years.

In 2002, a company with just under US$11 million in annual sales retained me to develop a SQL server database application to automate their billings and travel expense reports. The company had 80 employees stationed in the field, all traveling to the customers’ facilities to provide their services. After each visit, the employees would submit paper forms containing the billing information and their travel expense reports.

The database application we developed automated both the billings and the expense reports so they could be submitted over the Internet. Their headquarters accounting department could immediately review the billings and expenses submitted. And if approved, invoices for the billings and checks for the expenses were automatically created in their QuickBooks company file.

Today, the company has over 100 employees, the majority of which are in the field. And as a result of the automation, they have been able to actually reduce their accounting staff from four to two. They are currently our largest client, and we continue to develop office automation systems for them.

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