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System Management provides the underlying system infrastructure and security to run the SEMS® software.

  • Table set up of individual needs of computer system, email, fax, printers, servers, reporting tools, Company Information and easy to set up configuration options
  • Work Flow Rules; design of User and Process work flows for employees/departments, and business processes, that use SEMS®’s ALERT system for messaging and collaborate between people, processes and departments, this maximizes productivity and reduce processes costs and increase revenue-throughputs.
  • Set Up Tables – USER DEFINED – for Global constants, markets, chemistry codes for metals, Unit of Measures- it does conversions from one type to another type in various parts of the system, multi-Currencies, Property Codes and Sub tables, Grades/Alloys, Tests to be Performed, Standards, Tolerances, Gauges, MSR details, Departments, Employees, Payment Terms, Tax Codes, FOB pts, Pricing Categories, Cost Methods and Mechanisms, Freight Carriers, Rates, Routes,, Defect Codes, Exchange Rate Mgt, EDI mgt., + more
  • Document Management – for Business Partners (Vendors, Mills, Customers) and Product Code attachments, including Microsoft Office Documents, PDF, scanned imaged documents, AutoCAD/CAD, pictures for claims, Mill Certificates, etc.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with System Management:

"System Management" is part of the STEELMAN Steel Enterprise Management Systems line of products, developed by Steelman Software Solutions.