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Shipping Management provides the tools to easily build, schedule and dispatch loads to ensure that each order is filled and shipped on time. Necessary paperwork is prepared to accompany the order, including customizable invoices, bills of lading, and product documentation including mill test reports or extracts. Document delivery can be handled manually, through fax, or through automated EDI. Automatic generation of documents can be set up to print, email, fax, EDI, all related and needed customer and vendor documentation.

  • Freight mgt, carriers, rates, routes
  • Rules based linkage from sales, production mgt automate invoice creation and distribution via documents including Bills of Lading, Consolidate BOLs, Invoices, Acknowledgements, Certifications, etc, all can be set up via customer profile to email, print, fax these documents via the method required by each Business Partner.
  • BROKER DUTY Mgt system for handling Duty tables for products bought from or sold to Foreign countries

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Shipping Management:

"Shipping Management" is part of the STEELMAN Steel Enterprise Management Systems line of products, developed by Steelman Software Solutions.