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Sales Order Management provides tools to promptly enter, price, quote and confirm an order. The production or shipping status of any order can be easily tracked by a sales representative or even by the customer via a secure Internet-ready interface.

  • A Sales Offering provides the ability to proactively initiate sales and select the inventory items from a queried list to be included in the offering as line items.
  • A fully configurable pricing tool provides maximum flexibility with formula and attribute based pricing, including COST-Plus Margin capable pricing option *
  • Master Orders - Contract Management for scheduled releases of order quantities over a specific period and entered into the Sales Order system as it is needed to properly reflect credit management.
  • Excellent Credit review and management from SO to Shipping
  • Quick Order Entry system for Distribution & a more detailed entry system for advanced order processing
  • Offers Mgt – opposite of normal sales management, where you manage offerings of products to outside buyers at bid pricing
  • Pricing tables, methods, Schedules – Can be Standard Price Book or Individual Customer pricing in a detailed matrix spreadsheet style chart for materials, processes, adders, freight, etc or COST PLUS using cost of materials and processes and using last cost, standard cost, high, low, average costs to determine a price using a markup using a MARGIN % up or down to determine final customer price. Reviews historical data to determine market price for each customer or product being quoted or sold.
  • Invoicing methods – can be process flowed to time of shipping and sent via printer, fax, email, EDI etc.
  • Sales Agent and commission management
  • 3rd Party Storage and Invoicing, releases, for process sales of customer owned inventory
  • Outside Processing and full management from logistics to invoicing
  • Detailed Sales History forms and reports built into Menus and especially useful having them embedded in all of our screens/forms for quick pop-up of data in forms or reports for review of critical information to make decisions.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Sales Order Management:

"Sales Order Management" is part of the STEELMAN Steel Enterprise Management Systems line of products, developed by Steelman Software Solutions.