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The Production Management module provides the functionality necessary to manage and control the production process. It gives you the ability to create and manage work orders and production jobs, reserve stock against orders and quotes, schedule production and record production on-line and MILL production order. There is METAL Processing functionality for work center metal processing like slitting, cut-to-length, laser cutting, plasma cutting, rolling, shearing, sawingand forming functions. For parts manufacturing, STEELMAN has design a METAL FABRICATION MRP module that will be ready in version 4.5

  • Set Up of tables for: Process Codes, Work Center Definitions, Shifts, Costing Methods (Inventory types, Rules, WIP, etc), Work Instructions for Routings, Source Materials, Equipment Work Center Capabilities, capacity thru-put rates, yields, scarp tables, scheduling by work centers
  • Work Order creation and management based upon confirmed sales orders, etc.
  • Production Order creation and specific metal details for each routed step or work instruction
  • Material Hard or Soft Allocation management
  • Detailed Cutting Planner for maximizing material cuts or processes, with scrap, drop/remnant mgt using allocated materials
  • Production Scheduling by work center, allowing foreman or Planner to manually optimize the production orders scheduled for each work center and align the optimum for processes of each work center to reduce set up costs and maximize thru-put
  • Packaging system and processes – skid types and costs
  • Outside Processing Management
  • Multiple Service Center, Multi-warehousing set up, management of inventory by location codes based upon same product code defined earlier by tag # received or bundles of tags (tag breaking mechanisms), purchasing rules and approvers
  • 3rd Party storage mgt set up and processing requirements
  • New Demand Planning System

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Production Management:

"Production Management" is part of the STEELMAN Steel Enterprise Management Systems line of products, developed by Steelman Software Solutions.