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The Product Catalog module provides the functions that are required to define the products that your business supports. Product information that is entered at the time of order entry or purchasing can be validated against the information available in the Product Catalog. This uses the Product Configuration “ATTRIBUTES” subsystems and build hierarchy such as Shapes, Dimensions, Standards, Grades, Properties, required Tests, Chemistry, Production Processes and other process to complete a product sales order through to packaging, shipping/logistics, including work flow parameters, and alert notifications to staff and departments

  • Shape Table Properties – user defined
  • Dimension Table set up to 10 dimensions for the shapes defined above used in processing and quotes/sales
  • Product Class definitions for further management of sales, inventory valuations and decision making reporting
  • Product Class Definition – The heart of the SEMS® system for classifying a Product down to the ROOT level usually by shape then into more details that include class, shape, standards, properties, tests, processes required, source materials and output of resulting products – Parent, Child, Sibling hierarchy in nested views

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Product Catalog:

"Product Catalog" is part of the STEELMAN Steel Enterprise Management Systems line of products, developed by Steelman Software Solutions.