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Cost Management tracks the actual cost of production to help understand the real costs of products and services. Accurate sales order costing ensures that appropriate pricing applied that covers any hidden costs. Analyzing the variances between predicted and actual cost will identify problem areas where corrective actions can be taken using ACTUAL Costs against a standard cost system, plus have a cost building series of tables to generate simple to complex costing mechanisms and can be applied to COST PLUS pricing, plus calculate work center process costs and properly cost WIP inventory in the Production recording system to apply to customer, inventory, or scrap the appropriate drop costs during processing and accurately reflect inventory values.

  • Last Cost- Replacement costs
  • Standard Costs with variance analysis
  • Average cost reporting
  • Work center cost definitions and also tables that can create simple to complex matrix driven charts to define any formula for costs of materials, processes, fabrication, add-ons, and can be used in a Formula-based Price Table or COST Plus price table that uses historical data to determined a markup price by a margin percentage.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Cost Management:

"Cost Management" is part of the STEELMAN Steel Enterprise Management Systems line of products, developed by Steelman Software Solutions.