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STEELMAN Steel Enterprise Management Systems

An ERP system designed by Steelman Software Solutions for manufacturing companies.
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SEMS® is an integrated suite of enterprise-wide software solutions tools developed exclusively for suppliers and processors of steel and other metal products. It addresses the unique requirements of the metals industry, which are not easily adaptable by generic Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) packages.

SEMS® features simple three-tiered internet architecture, based on the industry standard, Oracle 10g application / database server infrastructure. The system can run on any hardware and operating system platform that is supported by Oracle 10g, including MS Windows, Linux, Solaris, and UNIX. We usually recommend an efficient and lower cost Linux system. THE STEELMAN SEMS® system is designed for the STEEL/METALS processing industry. STEELMAN software is a leading vendor of STEEL/METALS MES/ERP Solutions in the market today!

Client services are provided via forms developed with Oracle Internet Developer Suite, and are delivered to client workstations via the Oracle 10g/ Application Server. Oracle 10g/AS offers a highly scalable, three-tiered architecture, and supports today’s leading Internet, security and networking technologies. Any workstation capable of running a Java enabled web browser can be utilized with zero software installed on the workstation for a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Your company requires a secure environment with minimal network overhead. The SEMS® solution provides a secure and simplistic environment without the need for complex security add-ons and additional software layers.

Your Company needs one tool that can satisfy the following requirements:

  • Offer 24x7 availability of its management infrastructure
  • Scale to global deployments
  • SEMS® handles Mexico (NAFTA) and specific requirements by the Mexican government on inventory mgt, etc.
  • Multi-Language, Multi-Currency, Multi-Company/Division/Dept set up options
  • Multi-Financials Accounting Package interfaces to handle the right financial package for your needs: i.e. SAGE, ORACLE, SAP, etc. –since they are good at Financials and NON-METALS functionality, we provide the details to them in Metals Mgt and Order/Purchasing/Inventory/Processing Mgt
  • EDI communications To and From CUSTOMERS/VENDORS, MILLS all three in one Business Partner Mgt and CRM like mgt plus other data integration functions capable such as Oracle Mainframe and other system middleware –FUSIONWARE interfaces to other software/systems, XML data transfers, Level One/Two MES Industrial Automation PLC data links and transfers to automate data collection and gathering and other real time management needs from the Plant/Factory/Production Floor –These are optional and require Discovery in order to quote/implement the correct software MES layer products with Steelman SEMS® ERP software.
  • Provide simplified management out-of-the-box
  • Offer comprehensive applications and systems monitoring
  • Allow for customized reporting
  • Help manage target configurations
  • Easily extend to satisfy unique business needs
  • Optional 24/7 access to world-wide business markets for increased REVENUE potential and reduced COSTS of vendor-supply chain management through the use of E-Business Portals and development of an E-Commerce strategy

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