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STEELMAN Software Solutions Inc. (SSSI) has been building leading technology solutions for the steel industry since 1994 by leveraging technological expertise and industry partnerships against the team’s real-world expertise in making, shaping and shipping steel products.

SSSI maintains key industry partnerships to help us to provide seamlessly integrated, leading technology solutions to your business. SSSI has implemented solutions in both fully integrated steel mills and multi-site service centers. SSSI is an Independent Software Vender (ISV) and is a Certified Oracle Partner, SAGE ACCPAC Business Partner, VMware, i2, and Sun Technical partner.

STEELMAN’s enterprise software solutions are based upon proven ERP software designs in the metals and steel mill and steel service center processing industries world wide. Our STEELMAN SEMS® system is designed ONLY for the STEEL/METALS MES/ERP business sector. Our customers are world leaders in the STEEL industry and we have proven expertise in all areas of this business sector.

Our strength is specific knowledge of the steel industry, designs that are customizable and configurable to this sector only, and using the latest technologies to deliver short and long term solutions to each and every customer. STEELMAN SEMS® software has passed two (2) Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance (SOX) audits to date.

As an ORACLE CERTIFIED PARTNER, STEELMAN has the BEST COMMERCIAL METALS PROCESSOR and SERVICE CENTER PROCESSING Solution in the MES/ERP market today. Steelman software is 100% Oracle database compliant and uses Oracle’s latest development tools and components in its STEEL/METALS solution. We do not use other discrete or process based ERP packages changes to “look” like a STEEL/METALS ERP system.

SEMSis specific ‘knowledge ware’ and our strength comes from a proven understanding of the steel business gained from hands on experience. Helping you get the right information to the right person at the right time to enable them to make great decisions!

The STEELMAN team works with you from the change initiatives start to finish and even beyond if requested. Our solution, STEELMAN’s STEEL ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is a fully integrated, Oracle-based application designed exclusively for the metal mills and processing and distribution industry. The SEMS platform delivers an open, modular, user-friendly environment, based on industry leading technology, to meet the specific requirements set by your company.

The STEELMAN solution is integrated into SAGE ACCPAC FINANCIALS 500 Suite. A powerful suite, with flexible options for small or large business operations, designed to power tomorrow’s metal supply chains by providing a flexible business application for Order-to-Cash and Purchase-to-Pay in the flat, and roll product verticals. With the right tools and a successful implementation, your company will gain configurable workflows and business intelligence that ensures complete compliance and accountability.

Know More

With real-time visibility and data integration, YOUR COMPANY can manage supplier and partner performance, monitor production, quality, orders and inventories, and view a comparison between planned and actual demand in real-time.

Do More

YOUR COMPANY will help to leverage technologies that improve productivity, enable collaboration, and extend corporate capabilities across geographies. Through system configuration and process improvements, company expansion can quickly be adapted in the SEMS® software.

Spend Less

Whether it is through the ability to manage a single global instance, reduce implementation costs, common deployment, or through outsourcing, STEELMAN customers experience both rapid cost savings upon implementation and impressive return on investment over time.

  • Control of application purchases has shifted back from divisions or departments to corporate I.T. organizations and steering committees.
  • Companies are more focused on cost reduction and improved profitability. There is a renewed emphasis on growth, but it has not reduced the concerns about cost control.
  • Many corporations are in the process of creating centralized or shared-service functions to improve control, eliminate redundant administrative costs, and capitalize on economies of scale.
  • Senior management is strongly concerned about strict compliance with regional, national, and industry regulatory requirements, which often require substantial I.T. changes.
  • The desire to participate in global markets and improve asset leverage is driving companies to standardize and improve business processes, data, and information systems that drive down costs, increase efficiencies, and increase profitability by using a system that is STEEL/METALS specific.

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