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Standard Features

  • Large and easy to read menus and buttons
  • Hot keys to operate all the features with a keyboard
  • Reduced clicking and scrolling to find information
  • Search and lookup lists are conveniently located
  • Add new customers and vendors “on the fly”
  • Data integrity
  • Unlimited customization options
  • Support from real people with names that answer the phone
  • Unlimited lifetime support without annual maintenance fees

Designed for Customer Service

  • All Customer transactions are available on one screen
  • Ability to enter notes for contact management and collections
  • Reduced clicking and scrolling to find information fast

Designed for an Accountant

  • Remembers the dates you are working with
  • Flexible research tools to analyze transactions
  • Retains information forever
  • No Year-End closing
  • Reports can cross fiscal and calendar years
  • Customizable date protection and security

Designed for Data Entry

  • Only relevant information is required for entry
  • Simple design, easy to learn and navigate
  • Ability to change defaults and tab orders
  • On screen instructions, tips and notes

Proven Technology

  • Ability to exchange data with other programs
  • Spreadsheet views of the entire database
  • Powerful find, filter and fort features
  • Written in Microsoft Access
  • Highly customizable for industry specific applications

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Market Focus

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