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The SSI Delivery Management program is a busy program. It provides the control factor for trucks, manages your customers, and does the forecasting and reporting needed to maximize productivity. Plus it tracks the fuel remaining in tanks, holds the last delivery date information and checks prior fill dates.

The package contains multiple delivery scheduling options:

  • Degree Day
  • Degree Day with non-heating adjustment
  • Julian (Dated)
  • Adjustable Julian
  • Average Usage Rate Per Day
  • Route Delivery
  • Will Call Accounts (or Phone Orders)
  • Truck Computer Linked Delivery
  • Mixing of Julian Day and Will Call and Degree Day customers
  • Sequencing of stops based on street address

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Delivery Scheduling/Routing:

"Delivery Scheduling/Routing" is part of the SSI Petroleum Management line of products, developed by SSI Companies.

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