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SKYLINE Property Management software sets the industry standard of excellence for commercial, retail, residential and industrial property management, allowing you to capture a wealth of historic, present and future data for all properties. Functioning as both a dynamic lease management tool and powerful accounting system, SKYLINE tracks all information regarding properties, including data specific to individual units and tenants, and processes information for tracking rental charges, payments, vacancies, receivables and deposits held.


Complete property information - Maintain a complete record of all necessary property information, including detailed building information, insurance terms and expiration, lenders, owners, parking data and more.

Track unit information - Track unit-specific information such as location, specific features, unit charge schedules and detailed area measures, and retain detailed data on future, current and former units.

Store occupant information - Store detailed lease information, maintain recurring and one-time charges, maintain historical sales volumes, calculate complicated recoveries, maintain tenant-exclusive information, and automate the move-in and move-out functions.

Extensive reporting - Utilize critical task reports such as vacancy reports, multiple rent rolls, lease expirations, insurance expirations, property/unit/occupant reports and delinquency reporting.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Property Management:

"Property Management" is part of the SKYLINE Property Management Software line of products, developed by SS&C Technologies.