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SS&C Technologies

A developer of software designed for small-businesses in the real estate industry.

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SS&C Technologies develops property management, accounting, and reporting systems for the real estate industry.

SS&C Technologies is committed to optimizing residential, retail, commercial, and corporate property management

Staying ahead in today’s changing property management business is becoming more challenging than ever before. You often face strong competition with limited resources. That’s why for over 15 years more than 4000 property owners, investors, and managers have relied on SKYLINE to give them a competitive edge.

SKYLINE II is designed around three basic principles:

  • Improve property performance
  • Increase returns to investors
  • Exceede tenant expectations

SKYLINE II is the de facto standard of excellence for commercial, corporate, retail, and residential property management.

SKYLINE II offers 32-bit performance and a powerful relational database. SKYLINE II leverages the power of the Internet, allowing you to share data, in real-time, with remote offices. The system’s great new enhancements like imaging and mapping capabilities help you be even more productive and competitive.

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