Is SRCJ’s PRI right for your business?

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Features Include

  • PRI Accounting and Invoicing features allow for invoices to be matched to G&S (goods & services) items ordered. Unless a vendor or item has been exempted by management, invoiced items may not be processed without first having been ordered and approved through the purchase order system
  • If so elected, PRI may also be used in the receiving department to enter all items received. When this option is chosen, invoice items will also not be processed without first having been documented as received
  • During invoice entry, each item is coded with a general ledger code. This code is saved, referenced to departments (when used), and automatically assigned the next time this item is invoiced
  • Once closed, invoices can be ‘batched’ with like invoices for offices that need to transfer their invoices to a home office or accounting service. A batch header report — with summary totals by general ledger account code — can be printed for use with transferred invoices

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Invoicing and Accounting:

"Invoicing and Accounting" is part of the SRCJ’s PRI line of products, developed by SRCJ Services.