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SRCJ Services

A developer of business management software.

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SRCJ Services offers economical software solutions linking business operations with financial reporting systems. SRCJ’s products are open ended in design to allow for easy linkage to most common (and some not so common) accounting software applications. Very few drivers, controls, or changes are made to user workstations, making SRCJ products easy to install and maintain – even on large networks.

Products are licensed directly to end-user organizations or through 3rd party representatives. Multi-site license discounts are available. All SRCJ products include 24 hour web support as well as all updates or upgrades which occur during the license period.

SRCJ’s mission is to provide business software and services that link daily operations to the financial reporting systems, while keeping technology investment and operating costs low.

Product Lines

  • SRCJ’s PRI

    A multi-module management system designed by SRCJ Services.

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