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SRC Software Corporate Performance Management Suite

A multi-module management system designed by SRC Software.
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The Advisor Series™ is an enterprise-wide corporate performance management solution, offering budgeting, planning, forecasting, consolidations, analytics and financial reporting.

Combining a live and fully controlled spreadsheet interface with industry-leading databases (Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle) and reporting technology, SRC’s Advisor Series helps streamline your budgeting process and improve the accuracy and effectiveness of your planning and analysis.

SRC’s unique design offers a flexibility and sophistication unmatched in other systems – allowing you to precisely model your particular business environment.

From Web-based budgeting and reporting to powerful drill-down analysis, the Advisor Series provides a full range of planning, reporting and analytical functions.

With over 19 years of experience providing the highest-quality financial planning solutions, SRC supports nearly 2,000 installations and thousands of users worldwide.

The system is fully scalable, from single-site implementations to multi-site, international environments with hundreds of users, and it is ideally suited for a variety of industries including high-tech, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, financial services, insurance, hospitality and many more.

SRC Budgeting

SRC Budgeting is a sophisticated and flexible system for enterprise-wide budgeting, planning and forecasting.

SRC Budgeting combines the user acceptance and modeling sophistication of a live spreadsheet interface together with the power and controls of industry-leading databases (such as SQL Server, Oracle .

The result is a user-defined system to meet your specific needs. From the number of years of history to the column structure, from the methodologies employed to the global assumptions - everything is set up to your precise requirements and easily adaptable for future changes.

SRC Budgeting’s unique system design offers this level of adaptability without changing the source code - providing you with a proven solution.

An enterprise-wide system, SRC Budgeting is designed to streamline the budgeting process and involve the entire organization. Easy ongoing maintenance and a host of automated utilities allow you to spend less time on system mechanics and more time on plan development and analysis. Process tools and alerts help you track and manage the plan.

And a variety of access and distribution options - including network, Internet / Intranet, Terminal Server / Citrix, Web Checkout and email - provide painless deployment of the system throughout the enterprise.

SRC Payroll Planning

SRC Payroll Planning provides detailed payroll budgeting at the individual employee or job code level.

Incorporate any statistic that impacts your payroll budget, such as: Health/Dental Insurance, Retirement Plans, FICA, Worker’s Compensation, Unemployment, Pay Steps/Step Tables, Anniversary Dates, Merit Increases, Union Codes/Contracts, and COLA Adjustments.

SRC Reporting

SRC Reporting is a robust solution for consolidations, reporting and analysis.

From flexible performance reporting, to multi-dimensional consolidations, to powerful drill down analytics, SRC Reporting provides you with the tools you need to turn data into knowledge.

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