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With SR2Food’s barcoding module, you no longer have to endure costly and time-consuming manual recording errors for shipping and receiving.

Key Barcoding Benefits

  • Allow the system to guide you through scanning the items on the order or randomly scan them.
  • Reduce damage to items at shipping time. Use the density ratings and product weight to build palettes and efficiently load trucks.
  • Can scan a Vendors bar code and create a Cross Reference to your item ID.
  • Immediate alerts if the warehouse person scanned too many of an item. The system also immediately alerts the warehouse person if the item is not on the order. This prevents missing inventory and shipping errors.
  • Color coded confirmation screen to evoke the next item to be scanned.
  • Update inventory promptly as it enters the building. This enables your employees to know accurate weights and quantity.
  • Orders appear in reverse stop order during the order confirmation process enhancing truck loading.

Our automated barcoding technology provides

  • Streamlined Weight Capture for Customer Orders and Vendor Orders
  • Scale integration
  • Printing of Your Own Barcode Labels
  • Order Confirmation
  • Route Order Confirmation
  • Product Density Ratings
  • Item Vendor Cross Reference

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Barcoding:

"Barcoding" is part of the SR2Food line of products, developed by SR2Software.