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A software system designed by SR2Software.
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SR2Food core system is a multi-tiered system, comprised of a core set of modules that are specific to your distribution needs. SR2Food core system achieves effective inventory management, enabling you to exponentially lower your inventory costs.

Key core system benefits include:

  • Efficient sales and purchase entries using Rapid Intelligence Search. Quickly search for Customers, Items, or Vendors by one or more partial words – or the ID.
  • Customer Historical Data used to predict seasonal shifts.
  • Identify slow selling items to prevent stale inventory.
  • Faster order entry from past history for Customers or Vendors – reduces entry errors.
  • All items to be picked on one report:
    • Increase the efficiency of warehouse workers.
    • Reduces the number of times the warehouse person goes into the same area to pull the same item.
    • Decrease the cost of the freezer or refrigerator door opening and closing which wastes electricity.
  • Alert the Sales Order Entry person that the customer has exceeded their credit limit. Management can contact the customer immediately to inquire about past open invoices as they appear directly on the screen.
  • Password Protect your Gross Profit – alert the Sales Order Entry person the Sales Rep sold an item past Gross Profit.
  • Truck Routing drag and drop integration with MapPoint® for well-organized truck loading and routing.
  • View the inventory quantity of an item during the order process
  • Standard multiple levels of pricing.
    • Item override pricing by customer.
    • Category Level Pricing.
    • Future Pricing capability so you do not have to remember to change your pricing on a specific date.
  • Ability to enter in a note (per item) on the Pick Ticket or Invoice. You can also setup a recurring Pick Ticket item note for a specific customer.
  • Setup (create) buttons on the main (home) screen in order to quickly navigate to the screens you use on a daily basis.

Key core system features include:

  • Order History Guides for Rapid Order Entry
  • Free Flowing Catch Weight Entry
  • Rapid Intelligence Search
  • Buy Sheet to Order Items You Need to Fill Today’s or Future Orders
  • Truck Routing Integration
  • Email capability for Invoices and Purchase Order
  • Multiple Levels of Pricing
  • Recurring Orders
  • Historical Data
  • Inventory Control
  • Ability to print, fax, view reports in PDF, or export reports to Excel
  • Batch Pick Report
  • Credit Limit Setup
  • Minimum Order Entry Gross Profit Check
  • Customized Short Cut Buttons
  • Order Line Remarks for Pick Tickets and Invoices

Functionality Modules

Manufacturing For food manufacturers, the manufacturing module supplies ERP functionality without the costly bells and whistles. SR2Food is not limited in revealing vital production…

Online Ordering The SR2Food website module brings closer tracking and monitoring capabilities for your customers. Web-based benefits: Customers can enter their order 24 hours/7days a week –…

Lot Control SR2Food showcases indispensible lot control tracking capabilities. The flexibility of SR2Food covers tracking inventory from lot source or lot destination, for one or mutiple…

Barcoding With SR2Food’s barcoding module, you no longer have to endure costly and time-consuming manual recording errors for shipping and receiving. Key Barcoding Benefits: Allow the…

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