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SplendidCRM Enterprise Edition

A premium CRM program from SplendidCRM
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Key Features

  • Integration: Integrate with many available products to help with your CRM efforts, including Twilio, Twitter, Asterisk, PayTrace, and more.
  • Synchronization: Sync with other solutions or host your info on the cloud with the ability to synchronize with QuickBooks, Apple iCloud, and more.
  • Rules Wizard: A new Rules Wizard provides a simple way to modify a collection of records within a module. Rules can be applied in an If-Then-Else construct using a simple programming language. A new Business Rules Engine allows an administrator to apply rules to EditView, DetailView GridView and layouts. The rules can be applied prior to the form rendering to initialize values and rules can be applied during the save operation to validate the field data.

Reviews of SplendidCRM Enterprise Edition

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