Is PerpetualBudget right for your business?

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PerpetualBudget is a distributed budgeting application for Windows. It runs as a workbook application in Microsoft Excel and is supported by PerpetualWorkbook components and an Access database module. The product is unique in it’s ability to achieve distributed networking from the admin user desktop through the use of programmatic control of all system components.

The budgeting application supports a variety of cost and revenue centers through the use of configured templates, setup sheets and adaptive consolidation methods. Manufacturers, distributors, service companies and government (institutional) agencies can easily apply the PerpetualBudget technologies to their planning requirements. The flexible departmental structure worksheet allows all users to customize the product to fit their organizational requirements. This drives the entire summary consolidation process when the “linkless” template data worksheets are merged into the master workbook.

Full remote updating of the master workbook(s) happens through the use of PerpetualWorkbook technology which is tightly integrated with PerpetualBudget. The use of the remote updating is optional as the master budget can be driven through both a top-down and bottoms-up financial process.

Use Budget Builder to easily create budget and data structures from a question and answer graphical interface.