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Each user of the FlexPoint Application must be defined in the Security Application. The identification of each user is used to audit and control each user’s utilization of FlexPoint applications. Each user is assigned to an authority group, which is used to specify field and functional level authorization throughout the FlexPoint applications. Field and function level authorities may be displayed and updated in the Security application.

The Security application also provides access to all of the List Filters (queries) that have been created by users throughout the FlexPoint applications. The security administrator may remove unwanted filters.

The FlexPoint Applications license information is maintained in the Security Application. License key updates may be requested and applied.

Features Include

  • User ID / password security per employee
  • Data update authority security by authority group controlling maintenance capability within system functions e.g. can display materials but cannot add, change, copy or delete
  • Field level security by authority group controlling data visibility within system functions e.g. ability to ‘hide’ sensitive data, such as material cost, on display screens
  • Transaction level authority security by employee group controlling types of transactions that may be performed by users within system functions e.g. eligible order types, settlement transaction types and warehouse task types
  • Optional auditing of user table
  • Filter maintenance
  • License maintenance

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Security:

"Security" is part of the FlexPoint ERP System line of products, developed by Spensa Business Applications.