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FlexPoint uses the pricing applications to define and determine the prices, incentives and taxes of orders processed through the order entry system.

The pricing application supports the set up and maintenance of multiple price lists or catalogs. You can create different price lists for individual customers, customer groups, buying groups and vendors. Each price list has a defined start and end date enabling the system to support price lists for time-sensitive promotions or flyers. Pricing by package quantity and order volume are also features in the pricing module.

Incentives can be defined to control any additional costs, charges or promotional considerations that may impact the value of an order, order line or invoice. In traditional systems, incentives, if handled at all, were limited to sales or marketing based promotions. Most of these promotions had to be specially programmed into the software code. In FlexPoint, you can define and implement all incentives, and the set of conditions that determine how and when they apply, without the intervention of system designers and programmers. Furthermore, the scope of what constitutes an incentive includes commissions, and extra charges that apply to transactions. Some typical types of incentives include free goods, discounts, service charges, freight charges and sales commissions.

Up to 5 different levels of taxation per invoice (account) may be defined using flexible taxation rules to determine the eligible tax jurisdiction of an account (customer, vendor or warehouse). Tax exemption rules are then used to define the conditions when a particular tax is not charged.

Pricing Features

  • Rules based pricing schemes determine material prices on a generic, group and / or account specific basis
  • Period based discounted prices and best price searches supported
  • Flexible pricing qualification criteria including shipping account, shipping account group, billing account, billing account group, carrier, carrier group and source warehouse
  • Option to re-price materials at shipment time
  • Multiple price definitions per material by UOM e.g. unit vs. case vs. pallet prices
  • Multiple price definitions per material by order volume
  • Multiple price definitions per material by date range
  • Cost plus pricing
  • User defined categorization of price lists e.g. contract vs. msrp vs. supplier
  • Link to material media attachments
  • Mass price increases / decreases based on percent
  • Rules based controls for price overrides during order entry
  • Complete online audit trail of pricing definition changes
  • Complete online audit trail of order entry pricing overrides

Incentives Features

  • Unlimited user defined incentive codes
  • Rules based incentive schemes for generation of discounts, free goods, rebates and payment terms
  • Flexible qualification criteria including order type, terms, price list, currency, account, account group, carrier, carrier group, material, material group, package size, price, cost, gross profit amount, gross profit percentage, volume, weight, unit quantity
  • Incentives may be created for an order, order line, invoice or invoice line
  • Multiple incentives may be created for an order or invoice
  • Volume level incentives may be defined
  • Pro-rated incentive awards may be defined
  • Definition of incentive targets or budgets and tracking of awarded incentives against the projection
  • On-line audit of generated incentives by incentive or account
  • Generation of Rebate Payments

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Prices:

"Prices" is part of the FlexPoint ERP System line of products, developed by Spensa Business Applications.