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The planning application defines warehouse operations for the processing of orders in the warehouse. Operations to assemble kits, as well as receiving and shipping goods may be defined. Each defined warehouse operation is associated with a specific type of task in the warehouse, and multiple operations may have the same task type. For example, a LOOSE PICK operation and a BULK PICK operation are both executed by a PICK task. The following types of tasks are supported;

  • Adjust+ - increment inventory quantity
  • Adjust- - decrement inventory quantity
  • Assemble - assemble a kit
  • Check - check material or container
  • Count - count material in a location
  • Inspect - inspect material in a location
  • Miscellaneous - user defined tasks
  • Move - move a material from one location to another
  • Pick - pick a material from a location
  • Pack - pack a material into a container (tote, carton)
  • Putaway - store received material into a location
  • Receive - receive material into a warehouse
  • Replenishment - replenish a forward picking location from a bulk location
  • Ship Confirm - confirm the shipment of material from a warehouse
  • Unpick - return a picked material to a warehouse location
  • UPC Check - verify material UPC codes

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Planning:

"Planning" is part of the FlexPoint ERP System line of products, developed by Spensa Business Applications.