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The Order Management application is the heart of the FlexPoint application suite. The Order Management application is a flexible order processing environment that facilitates the entering and monitoring of business transactions – from sales orders to purchase orders to warehouse transfers. Whereas traditional order entry systems rely on many independent applications for handling different types of orders, FlexPoint integrates all processing and record keeping in a single application.

Universal order entry improves data accessibility and accuracy. Data is stored and maintained in a single location. It eliminates the need to learn multiple software packages and reduces errors that occur when data is transferred between software packages. This streamlines order entry and increases access to information. The order list may be queried ad hoc or with user defined as save queries to satisfy customer inquiries. From the order list, the complete details and status of the order may be viewed.

Features Include

  • Single order entry facility for purchases, vendor returns, sales, customer returns, warehouse transfers and kit assembly orders
  • Rules based order default assignment e.g. default current, payment terms, warehouse, allocation type, shipment consolidation method, invoice creation point, order and backorder cancellation dates and applicable override authority
  • Flexible qualification criteria including account, account group, employee, employee group and order type
  • Rules based pricing, costing, incentives and tax generation (see Pricing)
  • Optional retroactive or future date pricing via price date override
  • Order line entry using both inventory and packaging UOMs
  • Non-material order line support e.g. incentives, delivery charges, labor, rental fees
  • Online inventory position inquiry during order entry
  • Outstanding Material Orders inquiry during order entry
  • Order Line Material selection by material groups, query or search criteria
  • Security controlled order, order line override authorization
  • Order, order line notes
  • Flexible inventory allocation methods including immediate or system directed
  • Optional manual selection of specific lots, serial numbers or assembled goods during order entry
  • Optional ‘pegging’ of order lines to inbound purchase or transfer orders for allocation purposes and cross-docking operations
  • Tax overrides at order entry
  • Invoice preview prior to confirmation
  • Order printing
  • Customizable, account specific order documents
  • Optional point-of-sale invoice generation
  • Customizable, account specific invoice documents
  • Deposit payment entry
  • Payment receipt printing
  • Customizable, account specific payment receipt documents
  • Online, order lifecycle tracking
  • Order reports including outstanding orders, released shipments, unallocated non-stock items, price override audit and orders due for cancellation

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Orders:

"Orders" is part of the FlexPoint ERP System line of products, developed by Spensa Business Applications.