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A well-organized sales effort follows a step-by-step plan that is flexible enough to meet diverse selling situations. The FlexPoint contact management application provides the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) support necessary to systematically monitor and control the sales cycle. The contact management application also provides comprehensive sales history analysis for making informed decisions and planning effective sales strategies.

In FlexPoint, a salesperson can enter prospect information on-line and then track call activity against each prospect. Individual contact information for each prospect can be maintained. This information forms the basis for direct mail support. Specific information about each contact may be recorded on-line and used as a reference for tailoring sales presentations to the prospect.

Call information for each prospect may be recorded and follow up call may be scheduling manually or automatically as defined by the Contact Follow Up Rules. The system records sales calls for prospects by user-defined call types and call dates. The system records the sales area and sales person responsible for the call to enhance call reporting. Call details such as the product classes and sales activities associated with the call may be recorded, as well as notes to describe the call and the results of the call.

The system maintains call history as you enter calls. The sales sub-system provides a summary of call activity for user-defined sales call periods by sales areas, salespersons, call types, product classes and activity types. This information is available on-line or in report format.

Features Include

  • Employee workbench used to schedule and complete calls
  • Online account call history with drill down capability
  • Rules based follow-up call generation and scheduling
  • Flexible qualification criteria including account, account group, call type, last contact date and call interval time in user-defined rules used to create and schedule follow-up calls
  • Prospect and prospect contact entry
  • Prospect to customer conversion
  • Unlimited user defined call campaigns
  • Unlimited call type, call activity, call purpose and result codes
  • Call campaign media attachments
  • Call event media attachments
  • Call entry facility for recording correspondence details including call date, time, duration, account, account contact, employee, description & resolution notes, expenses and orders
  • Links from call activity to related transactions e.g. quotes, orders, payments

Other Applications

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"Contacts" is part of the FlexPoint ERP System line of products, developed by Spensa Business Applications.