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The Calendar Application provides the definition of work days and work hours. Multiple calendars can be defined. The Calendar application then uses these definitions to provide service functions for other applications when managing dates and schedules.

Features Include

  • Ability to define calendars, working days and working hours used in date determination and capacity planning functions
  • Date Validation
  • Adding calendar or working days to a date
  • Calculating the days difference in calendar or working days between two dates
  • Determining the day of the week for a specific date
  • Conversion of date formats
  • Determining the work hours for a specific date
  • Calculating days and time difference between to dates and times
  • Adding hours, minutes and seconds to a time

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Calendars:

"Calendars" is part of the FlexPoint ERP System line of products, developed by Spensa Business Applications.