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Inventory Database Features

  • Five Indexed Fields (for instant item lookup, sorting, etc.):
    1. Stock Number (integer, system-assigned, maximum value=65,535)
    2. Product Code (20 alphanumeric characters)
    3. Description (30 alphanumeric characters)
    4. Class (10 alphanumeric characters)
    5. Manufacturer (20 alphanumeric characters)
  • Separate Departments, Categories and Locations for grouping
  • Photo Viewer for viewing pictures of Inventory Items (requires User Bundle)
  • Parent/Child Feature for Case/Single Item Tracking/Automatic Case Breakdowns
  • Average and Last Costs, Six Price Levels plus Price Tables (allows scheduled promotions, special customer pricing, price rounding, quantity breaks, and more)
  • Real-Time Cost/Quantity Updates
  • Serial Number Tracking
  • Alternate Codes for Item Entry
  • Four Vendors per Item with Cost, Part Number and Last Purchase Date
  • Summarize History Function for Pop-Up of Daily/Weekly/Monthly Summary Sales and Purchase Totals per Item

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