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Clerk Database Features

  • Two Indexed Fields (for instant lookup, sorting, etc.):
    1. Clerk Number (integer, system-assigned, maximum value=65,535)
    2. Last Name (20 characters)
  • First Name and Initials (for optional printing on receipts)
  • Phone (13 alphanumeric characters)
  • Passwords (up to 8 alphanumeric characters - encrypted for added security)
  • Ability to control:
    1. minimum length
    2. automatic expiration (good for ‘x’ number of days)
    3. maximum number of entry attempts
    4. minimum number of letters
    5. minimum number of numbers
    6. minimum number of symbols
  • Password Expires field - Date on which the Password expires
  • Security Level (limits use/access to system features and select data)
  • Commission Table (configurable)
  • Time Clock (editable by system supervisor)
  • Pop-Up Daily/Weekly/Monthly Sales Totals and Average Sale Amount per Clerk
  • Clerk Messages - Send messages to all or individual Clerks.
  • Messages will be seen:
    1. when logging on to the system (new messages only).
    2. when clocking in (new and old messages)
    3. when selecting Clerk Messages from the Utility menu

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